Rochelle Williamson
Kensington Fitness Lead

John Paul (JP) Ogden 

(he/him) | Ngati Paoa

Group Fitness Coordinator

Nigel Prince
Adminstration Coordinator


Rochelle Williamson

Selous Rocher

Khaarla Tavoi

Flo Selby

Tihewa Smith

Raewyn Stanners​​​​​​​


All our fitness instructors are professionals with full qualifications in exercise prescription, body composition testing and fitness assessment.  All are well informed in areas of nutrition and maintaining a healthy and active life style.

We will tailor a specific exercise programme to help you achieve your goals, be it fat loss, improved fitness or a desire to feel healthier and have more energy, taking into consideration any medical issues or injuries you may have.

An instructor is always available on the Fitness Floor to assist you. 

To book fitness an assessment and a new programme appointment please see the staff at reception or on the Fitness Floor.

Eva Magrath

Kruze Etherington


Luana Hohaia
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stadium Lead

Hayley Overton (she/her)
Stadium Projects Coordinator

Garry Carter
​​​​​​​Leisure Centre Caretaker


John-Paul Ogden

Nikki Jones

Christine Fraser

Cathy Orevich

Tawera Henare

Gabriella McDonald

Colin Dall

Chontelle Watts

Clark Lewis

Katherine Hooper

Programmes Trained in: BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE

Commenced Instructing: 1996

Why I love it: I just love it! Helping people to gain health benefits while having fun in group fitness is the best buzz ever!​​​​​​​

Joanne West


Commenced Instructing: 25 years ago

Why I love it: Background sport of rowing and back in the day won 4 national rowing titles.

Started with Kensington Fitness. Group Fitness is pure fitness fun. Good instructors get that it’s not about them but you as the participant in the class. It’s about your experience, your goals, your fun and what you’re striving for. I’m pleased to be a part of this and create a class experience that keeps people coming back and enjoying their fitness journey.

Henrietta Sakey

Programmes Trained in: RPM, BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE, GRIT, CIRCUIT, Kiwi Seniors, Tai Chi, Pilates

Commenced Instructing: 1981

Why I love it: I have been teaching the Les Mills programme and trained in other programmes for many years now (I started when I was 10 hahaha). I really love seeing the difference it makes to those that attend, from improved fitness levels through to just basically feeling good about yourself. It really is never too late to start, you just gotta want to!

Anna Markwick

Programmes Trained in: RPM, CORE, BODYSTEP, BODYCOMBAT

Commenced Instructing: 1996

Why I love it: Nothing beats working out with likeminded people to awesome music that just keeps me motivated!

Suzy McAsey

Programmes Trained in: RPM, BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK

Commenced Instructing: 1992

Why I love it: I feel fortunate to do a job I love. I have taught in a large amount of gyms around NZ and London and I get a buzz out of the feeling of a group of people from all walks of life exercising together to one collective beat. I am a real people person and love to try create an atmosphere of energy and excitement that helps people escape and be in the moment; a little moment away from their normal lives. I have been involved in many sports at a competitive level and I am still involved in coaching Volleyball. I have two daughters and I try to be a good role model to them and show them how important not just physical and mental health. 

Lesley Ashcroft

Programmes Trained in: BODYPUMP

Commenced Instructing: 2010

Why I love it: I love being a part of all the positivity that comes with group fitness  –  confidence, mental and physical wellbeing, great energy and loads of fun!

I love supporting, encouraging and inspiring every single person to achieve their fitness goals.